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Using inline SVGs with Rails attachments

So I was looking for a method to serve attachments uploaded by users in the Rails Active Storage. Regardless of where these are served from, I needed a way to insert them into the document. I read This article by Salazar explaining how to serve SVG icon packs and I realized that with a small […]

Creating model for “related” posts

I wanted to create a section on my page that leads to related posts. One proposition was to create additional table and store from and to ID’s of related posts.   First we want to have our model, nothing special about it, just an example Post class. Next, we need a class that will connect […]

Create honeypot against spam bots in Rails

I was trying to implement something that is less annoying than google recaptcha. Everyone knows that it’s quite exhausting for some users. Also I would like to reduce the amount of requests made to google with all gtags, analytics, ads etc. are already slowing the whole internet down. I found this very old article on […]

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