Rafał Jaroszewicz

Hello World

I’ll be posting stuff here.

I thought about blogging for a while, and then Jeff from Fireship said that it’s better to post on your own records rather than on medium for example, so here I am.

I’m just starting out as a software developer and so far after three months in my job as a Ruby on Rails student (that’s what it feels like all the time, not even a job but a full-time course on how to code) I feel that I’m starting to wrap my head around where am I in this. And all I know is that I don’t know anything, so that’s a good start.

Currently I work on my own open source side project to create an app for landlords as I know a person that’s struggling to manage large amount of properties so I actually try to solve a real world problem and make a difference, let’s see how that goes. Next step is learning python and django. RoR is awesome and python seems to be very alike, I used it for data analysis in my previous job and it just felt right.

I’ll be posting stuff as I learn it so I hope it might help someone. I might post something about life in general as well.

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